[Money Today] Cellico, a startup developing ‘artificial retina’, receives ‘wireless charging’ technology transfer from ETRI

Celico, which develops implantable electronic medicines, announced on the 31st that it has received transfer of ‘bioimplantable ultrasonic wireless charging technology’ from the Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI) ICT Creativity Research Institute.


Ultrasonic wireless charging is a device that uses sonic vibrations to supply power to electronic medicines in the body. It is more efficient than RF wireless charging, so it can minimize heat generation and interference from external devices such as Bluetooth. Celico plans to speed up the development of an electropharmaceutical platform with enhanced safety using the transferred technology.


Celico is developing electronic eyes, an artificial retina medical device for visually impaired people who have lost their eyesight due to retinal disease. We have secured neuromorphic image sensor technology to replace damaged visual cells, and are currently focusing on miniaturizing products and improving resolution to enable electronic eye transplantation for the visually impaired.


Kim Jeong-seok, CEO of Celico, said, “Through technology transfer, we are now able to supply not only the electronic eye we are developing, but also a wireless charging solution optimized for the insertion site in the human body. We will work with ETRI to become the world’s best electronic medicine platform company.” said.


Dr. Seong-gyu Lee, head of research at ETRI, said, “I am glad that the technology has been applied to the field of implantable electronic medicines, which have a large social and technological impact. Together with Cellico, which possesses core technology, we will continue to commercialize ultrasonic wireless charging technology and advance electronic medicines. “We will cooperate,” he said.


Source: https://news.mt.co.kr/mtview.php?no=2021083109524416502